Monday, May 23, 2011


The MOBILE3DTV was selected as exhibitor at the ICT event 2010 in Brussels. The project’s booth was located in the “Content & Knowledge Zone”. The concept of the booth that was developed within the project consortium was a presentation of a first end-to-end system of 3D content delivery optimization over DVB-H. For each stage, an expert sent by the task-leading partner within the consortium was present at the booth. The core of the booth was the demo of the first MOBILE3DTV end-to-end system including a DVB-H transmission of 3D content to a first prototype developed within the project. Within the demo, the visitors at the booth could follow the whole chain of the system from the provider including available contents of different genres and content creation, optimized stereo video encoding methods and error resilient transmission, to the receiver side including visual optimization, 3DTV handheld devices. Finally, all visitors were able to become real users in the user experience stage in which they were able to experience mobile 3DTV on the first available prototypes.

Beyond the overall demo of the system, specific information and small demos for each stage of the production chain were presented on additional mobile 3D video devices. The specific demos demonstrated different coding approaches like MVC or the Video+Depth approach or simulated different transmission artifacts or error resillience strategies so that visitors at the booth were able to see the challenges for which the MOBILE3DTV project provided technological and methodological solutions.

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