Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NEM Summit - a follow up

The first NEM Summit was a success. Mobile3DTV contributed to that success by presenting two papers and hosting a booth at the exhibition.

Our two papers were scheduled for the session 'Networks and Services II: Evaluation of the DVB Systems' chaired by Andrew Oliphant from BBC, vice-chair of NEM.
We made a single presentation, presenting two papers and given by three presenters. The style was quite unusual but later on people came to congratulate us for it.

At our booth, we presented a real-time 3D Video transmission over DVB-H. The whole setup - a broadcasting server, and four devices equipped with DVB-H receivers and autostereoscopic displays - could fit in a cabin-class bag. Here is a picture of our boot after unpacking and just before the crowd to come:

The equipment travelled (in the above-mentioned cabin-class bag) by bus, plane and car, half way across Europe from Tampere to Saint-Malo :)

There was an entusiastic group of people behid that demo: Oguz, Anil and Gozde from METU, Heribert and Aljoscha from HHI, Antti, Atanas Boev and Mihail from TTY.

For people who missed it, we are going to show an improved version at the ICT Event in Lyon 25-27 November. We are going to be at the booth of the 3D Media Cluster, which is Booth F11. See you there :-)
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