Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mobile3DTV @ ICT Event Lyon

Mobile3DTV successfully participated at the exhibition of the 2008 ICT Event in Lyon. We presented our work at the booth of the 3D Media Cluster. The project was represented by Satu and Dominik as user experience researchers of Mobile3DTV and Aljoscha who also represented the 3D Media Cluster.

We shared the booth with our collegues from 3D4You and together we had a great time at the exhibtion. It all started with setting up the booth which again ment to bring the whole setup from Tampere all the way to Lyon in one cabin-class bag. But when we arrived at the Conference Center of Lyon, we were very happy to see that we had a perfectly located booth in the exhibition area with some white sofas and chairs so that we could arrange a very comfortable surrounding for all our visitors.

During the three days of exhibition there were a lot of people visiting at our booth - both fascinated about the 3DTV technology and interested in the project and its technological progress. We had great talks with other partners, academic staff, people from industry, and of course Members of the European Commission which made us very proud.

At the booth we did not only present a real-time 3D Video transmission over DVB-H. Satu and me used the possibilities to present our user-centered approach which we are taking within the project. Many visitors were very interested in our work and the results of our first studies into user needs and expectations about mobile 3D video and television.

Finally, I want to thank all people who were involved in the preparation of this successful presentation: Of course Satu and Aljoscha for their work at our booth, and Atanas Boev and Atanas Gotchev for helping with the preparation of the setup and the poster.

If you missed us this time, just watch out for the people in white, green and blue at the next exhibition or stay informed via this blog.
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