Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Project meeting in Saariselkä

Third Mobile3DTV project meeting was held in Saariselkä, in the Finnish Lapland, from 4th to 6th of April.

Representatives of all workpackages of the project met to discuss the progress of the project and to agree about a roadmap of workpackage interaction in the system development process. All work was inspired by the beautiful winter landscape of northern Finland.

The most important outcome of the project meeting is a roadmap that coordinates the work between the workpackages for the rest of the project. This roadmap is a result of a productive review meeting in Brussels and the comments given by the reviewers.

Beside the hard work of the meeting, the participants enjoyed the great winter in Lapland. Especially the 1200m long sledge slope was as good alternative to relax in meeting breaks.

The project meeting was a success for the project and the outcome of the meeting in combination with the developed roadmap will direct the project towards a successful second year.
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

MOBILE3DTV at GSMA Mobile World Congers 2009 in Barcelona

MOBILE3DTV demonstration was presented at GSMA Mobile World Congers on 16-19 February 2009 in Barcelona (http://www.mobileworldcongress.com/). We presented the current state of the development on the project with very spectacular demonstration. Participants in the demonstration from MMSolutions site were Nikolay Daskalov – CEO, Radoslav Ibrishimov and Gjorgji Rosikopulos.

We shared some space at the OMAP zone with Texas Instruments, which are our long term partners in many projects, and exchanged few ideas and impressions from the congress . We also met few of the partners in the MOBILE3DTV project and discussed some new concepts about the evolution of the project. During the exhibition we had the opportunity to see the “beyond tomorrow” vision of the mobile technology. We also demonstrated our achievements in the mobile image capturing technology, such as 8MP camera framework, stereo-capture module, ect.

The kit for the demonstration was developed by MMSolutions. It was based on standard TI development platform, widely spread among the mobile application developers. The content was delivered by both MMSolutions and Tampere University of Technology. The videos were specially prepared for the congress, and were of a great interest for the visitors, who saw the demonstration.

We previewed the spectators the true 3-D effect and the possibility of implementing this future technology in multimedia mobile device. Every observer shared a positive opinion for the demonstration. They confirmed that they will keep an eye on the progress of the project in Internet with interest. Based on our observations and the conversations with every spectator of the demonstration, we think that all of them will be consumers of the device in future.

In the end we would like to thank all the visitors, interested in the project, for sharing their opinion about the demonstration. We would like also to thank Atanas Gotchev and Atanas Boev for helping us with the preparation of the content and the preparation of the brochures and ad materials. Special thanks to all the other participants in the project for their help in achieving this level of the technology.

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