Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Meet the users: Sanna Virtanen (28)

We met Sanna for the first time in a cozy cafe in the center of Tampere. She was watching "Finland's Next Supermodel" on her mobile 3DTV device. Of course, we were courious to hear about her experiences with mobile 3D television.

Sanna is 28 years old and she has worked as Managing Consultant at WeCan OY – a medium sized software company – since two years. Sanna has a boyfriend who lives in Madrid, Spain.

Sanna is a highflyer in her job. She loves the job, although it is very exhausting and she’s always busy at work. But in the same manner in which she loves her job, she lives her life after work. She is a lifestyle woman, always up-to-date and trendy. She bought her mobile 3D phone 5 months ago. Her last phone contract was ending and as she had the possibility to choose a new phone, she decided for mobile 3D. The advertisement and the latest reports in the lifestyle magazines convinced her that this phone fulfills all her demands on functionality and quality.

“I enjoy sitting in the cafe and watch the latest lifestyle magazines or all these cute shows on TV like this ‘Finland’s next supermodel’. 3D makes everything so realistic and I enjoy diving into the content so that I can forget the day for a short time.” Having a cup of Iced Mocha she chilled on the sofa and watched the series when we met her for the first time. She passed some time after work in the cafe before her Pilates workout started.

"When I come home later, I will call Raúl. He is my boyfriend since 4 month. I hate the long-distance relationship, but luckily we now found 3D videophoning", Sanna tells us. Secretly, the 3D videophony was the final reason to decide for mobile3DTV. “You know, it is just this intimacy that I experience when Rául appears in front of me three-dimensionally. For a short time I even forget the annoying distance between us”, Sanna says with a smile on her face.

Do you know Sanna? Until now, Sanna is just a persona, a user archetype. She represents one of the user groups of mobile 3DTV according to our studies into user requirements for the new system [1][2]. You may ask how other users will look like? Read on, we will present them later.

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