Monday, February 2, 2009

Mobile3dtv artefact rendering framework is available for download

We have developed a framework for simulation of mobile 3DTV artifacts. It is able to introduce an arbitrary combination of stereoscopic artifacts to a given video stream, with controlled amount of impairment for each artifact. 

It is organized as a collection of Matlab functions, each one responsible for introducing a specific artifact. The configuration is stored in a text file, which describes the input and output video streams, the set of artifacts to be introduced, and the parameters for each artifact. One configuration file can specify a set of artifact parameters, which to be applied over several input video files in “batch mode”.

The framework operates on stereo-video streams (where left and right channel are provided as separate video files) or dense depth video streams (where video and depth channel are provided as two separate video files). Video is decoded into a set of frames, each frame is processed and the result is encoded in a video stream again.

The current version (1.3a) is available for download on our website, in the software download section

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